Research Status Updates of Ingmar Lippert

Ethnography of carbon accounting practices available

2 years 25 weeks ago

The environment needs to be protected. Well, this is what the universal "we" has agreed upon. So, there is an environment. And this environment needs human protectors, human managers. Between 2008 and 2012 I studied environmental managers in a corporation (a multinational Fortune 50 company).1 A key question emerging from this work is: which environment is being protected - or managed? Does more than one, singular, environment exist?

Graph editor usage for qualitative social science research

3 years 24 weeks ago

Graph editors are very useful for qualitative research. As part of my ongoing engagement with visualising qualitative relationships between materials and actors during the analysis of ethnographic data, I repeatedly stumbled upon so-called graph editors. These are software programmes used by graph theorists, amongst others. In short, graph editors are able to design layouts of nodes (entities) and edges (relations).

CfP: Panel: "Prompters and Curtain-Pullers: Policy advisers in Practice"

3 years 31 weeks ago

Most read: we are among the top 5 of a environmental management volume

3 years 43 weeks ago

Over the last 90 days, our conceptual papers "Outsourcing Emissions: Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as Ecological Modernisation" and "Sustaining Waste – Sociological Perspectives on Recycling a Hybrid Object" are among the five most read articles in an environmental management book (published by Springer). As it seems: our papers have been well placed in that outlet.

Visiting Lancaster University

4 years 35 weeks ago

I will be visiting Lancaster University in its Lent term 2011 to work with Lucy Suchman of the Centre for Science Studies (CSS) and staff of the Centre for the Study of Environmental Change (CSEC), including Claire Waterton, to unpick the practices of corporate agents of ecological modernisation involved with carbon accounting.

Writing articles for SAGE publications

5 years 10 weeks ago

(updated 31/7/2011)

I am spending two weeks focussing on writing up short accessible articles on two topics:

  • Greenwashing: for the upcoming Encyclopedia of Green Culture,
  • Carbon Dioxiode: for the upcoming Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste.

Focussing on "doing" carbon emissions - a social constructivist take

5 years 20 weeks ago

Finally, after a months of coding, and a couple of weeks of abstracting towards code families and themes, I decided about what to focus on as the core theme of my PhD: the social construction of carbon emissions.

Selecting Themes - TAMS, AWK and Manu Chao at half 3am

5 years 25 weeks ago

As part of my ongoing STS ethnography, I am trying to narrow down the theme which I a(i)m to analyse in depth.
For analysis, I use TAMS. It's friendly developer, Matthew Weinstein, supported me already several times by implementing some of my requests.

Reviewing Mendeley and

5 years 26 weeks ago

Still new in the realm of research tools are social networking tools for researchers to connect. and Mendeley claim to offer new ways for researchers to find like-minded researchers, i.e. people with similar research interests.

Narrowing research focus

6 years 13 weeks ago

During the last month I have been scanning field notes, covering two and a half months of field work, for all kinds of categories, emerging in the field. I came up with a huge map of codes and how they are linked. Of great help for this work was the TAMS Analyser, i.e. the software called "Text Analysis Markup System" available from